Prithiyankara Devi Kali Temple

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Prithiyankara Devi Kali Temple
The Prithiyankara Devi Kali Temple is located in Moratandi about 8 km. outside of Pondicherry. It is an easy stop on the way to/from is one of the famous temple..
It is likely that you will have noticed the 72 foot statue of Kali from the road. Stalls line both sides of a dirt lane as you approach the temple where temple offerings, religious items, and food are sold. There are long lines to enter the temple, but the inner sanctum is for Hindus only.
With bulging eyes and a long necklace of skulls around her, Kali appears monstrous. Her skin is blue. Several cobras (manifestations of Kali the Destroyer) rise above her head. In her right hand she holds a trishul which symbolizes the balance of the three forces of creation, preservation, and destruction. In her left hand, she holds a severed head.

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